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ARTconnects is a workshop-based project created by Salma Zulfiqar, an International Artist and Human Rights Activist. Following her invaluable humanitarian experience of working with the United Nations on rights and development issues in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria,  Somalia, Chad, and Kenya, Salma has transformed her artistic skills and advocacy experience towards empowering refugee and migrant girls and women across the globe.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the project has gone online and is promoting global solidarity and mental wellbeing for vulnerable women in particular. Workshop and content is licensed to ARTconnects.

Salma Zulfiqar was voted one of the most inspiration women to hail from Birmingham in the Book Once Upon a Time in Birmingham - Women Who Dared to Dream and received the national Rising Star Diversity Award powered by The Sunday Times in 2019.

In 2022, Salma Zulfiqar  was presented with the U.K Prime Minister's prestigious Points of Lights Award in recognition of her 'exceptional service empowering refugee women through art classes.' 


Who We Are

ARTconnects is creating peacemakers in communities by promoting social cohesion, human rights, peace and tolerance while empowering girls and women - refugee and migrants in particular through creative expression. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, online workshops have attracted participants from the UK, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Europe and USA. 

Through high impact workshops led by highly experienced International Artist and Activist, Salma Zulfiqar, participants, learn creative skills, improve knowledge on human rights and experience better mental health while combatting isolation. 


Clients, Supporters
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We believe in charging a fair price to non-profit clients and reinvesting surplus profit back into supporting the social mission.

ARTconnects receives legal supported from the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


ARTconnects License to Empower

ARTconnects is offering organisations the opportunity to join forces and contribute towards empowering girls and women around the world through our high impact creative online learning.

As a leader in promoting peace and tolerance, climate justice, humanity and equality through creative expression and debate, the ARTconnects package provides you with the unique opportunity to be part of our award-winning initiative. It enables licensees to deliver  high impact ARTconnects workshop and be part of the change. 

This unique package of materials and mentoring provides you with detailed instructions to enable you to deliver an ARTconnects workshop. 

Please contact salma@artconnects.co.uk if you are interested in purchasing an ARTconnects License. 

​Please note that unauthorised copying and duplication of ARTconnects workshops, elements, concepts and or artworks is not permitted.


The Migration Blanket - Climate Solidarity Film
is a sequel to In Solidarity - The Migration Blanket
exhibited during the Venice Biennale 2022.


In Solidarity
The Migration Blanket



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